Developed from extensive research with major UK organisations, the OPPro provides a focussed assessment of nine personality traits of central importance in customer facing roles. The questionnaire is written in a straight forward and direct style that is accessible to people of a wide range of abilities.

Use for:

Selection and recruitment for customer facing, sales and general office roles.

Use with:

Adults with basic education.

What OPPro Measures

Providing a detailed assessment of interpersonal style, thinking style and patterns of coping with stress, the personality dimensions measured by the OPPro have been selected for their occupational relevance. These characteristics are crucial in determining productive and counter-productive behaviour in your organisation.

For example the OPPro can identify people who:

Are moody and irascible Are stable and composed
Are tactless and blunt Are diplomatic and persuasive
Are Negative and defeatist Are optimistic and persevering       
Are submissive and avoidant Push for action       
Avoid challenges Rise to a challenge
Are rigid and unbending Are adaptable and flexible
Are disorganised and chaotic    Are systematic and meticulous
Are naive and candid Are socially astute
Are shy and retiring Are lively and gregarious
Destroy trust Foster trusting relationships
Are stress prone Are resilient
Are sensitive and gullible Are Tough-minded and realistic


Quick to administer yet providing a detailed personality assessment, the OPPro is the ideal tool to assess how a person thinks, feels and acts in occupational settings. The OPPro is supported by extensive evidence attesting to its reliability, validity and culture fairness. It can be completed in paper and pencil format or online and offline using the GeneSys platform. The OPPro is a powerful tool for identifying strengths and development needs. It is invaluable for: selection; assessment for promotion, career development and training.

OPPro Reports

The GeneSys Integrated Assessment System generates profile charts and in depth expert narrative reports outlining how an individual solves problems, relates to others and copes under pressure. Reports cover Team Roles, Career Themes, Leadership and Selling Styles.

Report Options

These online report options are available for the following assessment.