English Discoveries Online (EDO) is a comprehensive, interactive, e-learning platform.

EDO delivers the latest in proven teaching methods, using engaging multimedia technologies.Our 10 courses offer over 1,000 hours of rich topic-based learning, which keeps students stimulated and challenged whether they are at beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

EDO can be delivered online or offline (by internet or intranet). It offers:

  • 1,000 hours of engaging multimedia and content
  • 10 courses, each with 8 units of topic-based learning
  • online speech recognition
  • all language skills: speaking English, listening and reading, grammar
  • scalable units, which you can adapt to existing curricula
  • continually updated content
  • flexible delivery options – internet, offline, CD-ROM
  • advanced management and reporting systems
  • an authoring tool for creating new and additional content
  • automated assessment tools
  • a community site – email, forums, magazine, games.

English Discoveries Online delivers multimedia features that bring learning to life:

  • Speech recognition technology
  • Pop-up English dictionary
  • Interactive grammar book
  • Role play
  • Branching dialogues
  • Full-screen videos
  • Community forums
  • Interactive challenges

Each of our 10 general English courses consists of 8 topic-based units which cover the full range of skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary and web literacy. EDO includes texts on topical issues; videos; audio podcasts; and entertaining animations. They add up to an up-to-the-minute way to teach English using cutting-edge technology.

EDO’s unique authoring tool enables teachers to create new content for their students and school. This simple-to-use, wizard-based platform is a great favourite amongst English teachers world-wide.

The Community Site offers a social learning space to connect with other students in the school and all over the world. The Community Site includes local and international forums; language enrichment components such as idioms and word games; chat; and email platforms.

English for specific purposes

We offer a range of English courses geared towards particular professions, industries and groups of learners. Our specialised courses cover 218 types of job and 20 key industries. The courses are:

  • English at Work
  • Technical English
  • Medical English
  • English for the Hotel Industry
  • Pronunciation
  • Academic English.

English for Specific Purposes courses are an effective way to acquire professional English skills using real-life scenarios. These courses have been designed in collaboration with professionals from each industry.

These courses are delivered on the EDO (English Discoveries Online) platform and use the monitoring and reporting facilities of the TMS (Teachers Management System).

English at Work

This course enables students to develop oral and reading skills for the purpose of English communication in everyday workplaces. Students use a variety of media and written formats and take part in the sort of conversations they meet at work. The courses range from basic workplace English skills through to advanced Business English levels.

Technical English

Technical English covers the key vocabulary required for various professions. Each unit includes vocabulary, context examples, practice exercises and tests. Teaching and classroom materials are included.

Technical English vocabulary units have been created for the following professions:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Architecture and construction
  • Computers and IT
  • Production management
  • Robotics
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Economics.

Additional technical vocabulary units can be created or customised to meet specific regional or professional needs.

Medical English

This course is a unique, online, interactive solution through which doctors, nurses, public health workers and medical support staff can improve their English. This course contains 63 topic-based units based on authentic healthcare contexts. Designed by experts in the healthcare industry, the units cover a wide range of medical conditions and situations (such as taking a health history, scheduling appointments, and describing symptoms) and are presented through rich multimedia. They include exercises in reading, listening, speaking and grammar at all levels of English.

English for the Hotel Industry

This package teaches tourism English, which hotel and hospitality professionals need for their job. Based on real-life hotel situations, it gives learners the opportunity to develop their listening, speaking, reading and vocabulary skills. The objective is to increase the quality of a hotel’s service by improving the communication skills of its staff. The course is flexible, allowing learners to study in their own time, at their own pace.


This course is designed to improve English pronunciation and put an end to the communication problems caused by foreign accents. Its pronunciation training is based on tried-and-tested teaching methods. The units explain how to pronounce words and phrases; with images of correct mouth, lip, and tongue movements. There is also a self-record function based on advanced speech recognition technology. Students learn to tell the difference between standard and non-standard speech sounds. Our Pronunciation course can be fully customized to focus on specific pronunciation problems associated with a particular foreign language or dialect.

Academic English

Course units include topic-based comprehension exercises in academic reading, discursive essay questions, and academic vocabulary exercises using British English.